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Dinmore Goldcrest

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Procters Cavalier

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Derriaghy Enfield

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Hartsideanew Argos

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Emslies Collossus

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Dinmore Goldcrest 18000gns low res

Sire: Ronick Hawk

Dam: Dinmore Elle (Wilodge Vantastic x Aghadowey Alix)

Goldcrest stood first in his junior class in Carlisle October 2012 and was purchased for 18,000gns off the back of his proven pedigree combining a leading sire in Ronick Hawk and the fantastic dam line of Dinmore Elle. With a impressive set of figures (beef value of +46 and a muscle figure of +7), he is an exciting prospect for us and we look forward to giving him the best of our females in the Emslies herd.

Derriaghy Enfield

Sire: Broadmeadows Cannon

Dam: Lenagh Utopia

Enfield was purchased in partnership in Carlisle October 2010 with the Irvine family, Banffshire, of Anside Limousins, for 22,000gns.

By the legendry Cannon, he is out of the Nenuphur daughter Lenagh Utopia. Already Enfield has had a glittering show success having stood overall junior, male and overall reserve champion at Balmoral Show in 2010 as well as junior interbreed champion. He has a beef value of +30 and a muscle score of +4. He has had already produced a strong crop of calves at Anside and has been given a few select females at Emslies.

Semen is currently available at 25 a straw with a 50 royalty.

procters Cavalier
Procters Cavalier

Cavalier pictured March 2010

Sire: Haltcliffe Vermount

Dam: Procters Prunella

Cavalier was purchased in Carlisle October 2008 for 28,000gns where he led the trade for intermediate bulls. He was purchased on the strength of his pedigree coupled with extreme muscling and width.

By the noted 100,000gns Haltcliffe Vermount, Cavalier is out of the Daim and Marnhull Isobella daughter Procters Prunella.

He was bought to compliment the shape and size of the females in the Emslies herd and has been used across the herd with progeny showing great muscularity and growth.

Semen from Cavalier is priced at 25 plus royalty.

Procters Cavalier

Cavalier is available on semenstore.co.uk

Procters Cavalier on Semenstore


Procters Cavalier

Daughter - Emslies Eyecandy out of Emslies Alison

Procters Cavalier

Daughter - Emslies Farah out of Ballymoney Sarah

Procters Cavalier

Son - Emslies Flyhalf out of Heathlands Sweetheart

Procters Cavalier

Daughter - Emslies Erylevans out of Emslies Aneira

Procters Cavalier

Son - Emslies Flanker out of Heathlands Sweetheart

argos title
Argos at the Highland
7273 Emslies Doubletop

Son - Emslies Doubletop


Daughter - Emslies Erotic out of Heathlands Sweetheart

Sire: Greenwell Ronick

Dam: Eden Suzzie

Argos was bought in October 2006 in Carlisle for 8000gns and what an impact he has made on the herd. Sadly no longer alive, Argos was shown successfully in 2008 taking the reserve Limousin championship at the Royal Highland and teamed up to win the Group of Five as well.

Argos has produced females with power and length with stunning feminine characteristics, while his bull calves have the power and natural muscling ability of their father. Emslies Doubletop is just one example of those.

Semen is available priced at 25 a straw.

Argos is available on semenstore.co.uk

Argos on Semenstore

Millbrook U479 with her Argos heifer calf Emslies Dream

saphir title
7360 Saphir
7252 Aphrodite and Dotcom

Son - Emslies Dotcom

7276 Alison and Dippidoodah

Daughter - Emslies Dipididoodah

Sire: Jacot

Dam: Issue

Saphir is half brother to Requin, Rocky, Paul and Rosignion. He is an extremely long, clean and mobile bull and was purchased for his natural muscling ability and for his ease of calving on heifers. He is working well on both the pedigree and commercial females.

Semen is available priced at 50 a straw.

7327 Eryl

Daughter - Emslies Eryl

7283 E dashing(2)

Son - Emslies Dashing


Sire: Objat Dam: Ballymoney Noisette

Colossus was retained after winning first prize at the RHAS in 2009. He is a powerful, easy calving son of Objat out of one of the herd’s best breeding lines.

Colossus has a beef value of +64 ranking him in the very top 1% of the breed.


Daughter - Emslies Fuzzy out of Emslies Uzzy

Emslies Giggles 400px

Daughter – Emslies Giggles out of Emslies Duchess

Emslies Grouse 400px

Son – Emslies Grouse out of Emslies Capercalle

Emslies Groovy 400px

Daughter – Emslies Groovy out of Emslies Emma

Emslies Google 400px

Son – Emslies Google out of Emslies Dolcevita


Daughter - Emslies Finesse out of Coynach Tanya

Emslies Gucci 400px

Daughter – Emslies Gucci out of Emslies Chanel

Emslies Glamorous 400px

Daughter – Emslies Glamorous out of Emslies Divine

Emslies Gremlin 400px

Son – Emslies Gremlin out of Emslies Carly

Emslies Gwawr 400px

Daughter – Emslies Gwawr out of Emslies Eira

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